What's included in Wills by Brodies?

What's not included?*

*We will be pleased to quote separately for providing any of the advice or services that are not included in the Wills by Brodies service.


Professionally drafted documents in accordance with your instructions.

Any advice in relation to foreign property or succession planning in a different country other than Scotland.

One telephone call or video call of up to 30 minutes to confirm your instructions and answer queries

Any advice relating to jointly owned property/land other than that owned with your spouse or civil partner.

One meeting to sign your documents either by video call or in person of up to 15 minutes

Any planning or work to mitigate legal rights.

Bespoke legal advice and guidance from a qualified legal professional which covers:-

        advice on what legal rights are and if they will apply to you;

        Overview of inheritance and explanation of what the basic inheritance tax allowances are;

        advice on whether your estate will be liable for inheritance tax and the estimated liability based on your current assets

        highlighting if further estate planning may be advisable in relation to pension and/or death in service benefits. Additional costs apply for further advice in this area.

Any advice in relation to specific inheritance tax exemptions such as business or agricultural property relief.

Safe storage of your documents once signed

Any planning or work to mitigate a likely inheritance tax liability.


Any succession advice in relation to your pensions and/or death benefits.



Any advice required that takes longer than the 30 minute call that is included.


Any extra work needed if you change your instructions.